Dohnanyi Orchestra Budafok became a key player in Hungarian musical life in the past twenty years, mainly owing to the joint efforts in the ensemble and the music director’s conscious educational work. The Orchestra has in recent years been a favourite among the audience, due its youthful radiance, extraordinary virtuosity, outstanding culture of sound and proficiency in almost every style.

Orchestral work rests on wide-ranging musical and human cooperation, which in fact cannot be mastered in any level of musical training. To this end, Dohnanyi Orchestra Budafok offers a unique possibility for students in music conservatory, college and university students, career starting instrumental performers to get an insight into this workshop, to see and feel the beauty of an orchestral musician’s career.

Dohnanyi Orchestra Budafok
1087 Budapest, Kerepesi út 29/b, Hungary
e-mail: [email protected]
tel.: +36 1 322-1488