Ernő Dohnányi was one of the greatest poeta doctuses in the 20th century: a composer, conductor, pianist and teacher with immense professional knowledge. The orchestra bearing his name is one of the top European orchestras: once taking in youngsters, college students and career starting musicians, the ensemble has since become a high quality orchestra, combining musical and human values. The orchestra has since its start been aimed at promoting young musicians in starting their career, and the Academy intends to help achieve this objective: as these young artists play in an orchestra, they can master the knowledge whereby they can become successful orchestra musicians. A special forum is planned to be created for young soloists, additionally, a conductors’ course will be held for young conductors. These courses will not only grant a one-off opportunity for extended training but facilitate long-term cooperation with Dohnanyi Orchestra Budafok as an orchestra musician, soloist and conductor.


The special significance of the Masterclass lies in its base: an outstanding orchestra that is known both in Hungary and abroad for its intensive manner of play, unique playing culture, high professional and human motivation and that will be available to the participants of the Class practically during the entire course. The Masterclass will not primarily be focused on improving technical skills but on acquiring deep knowledge, rested on understanding each minute detail of the pieces and the sheet music. Moreover, Gábor Hollerung will during the Class put considerable emphasis on the most important functions of a conductor’s activity, the conductor’s necessary and unnecessary activity and the mechanisms of communicating with the orchestra.

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Dohnanyi Orchestra Budafok became a determinative actor in Hungarian musical life in the past twenty years, which was due primarily to the workshops within the ensemble and the musical director’s conscious educational work. Given its youthful radiance, extraordinary virtuosity, outstanding sound culture and proficiency in almost every style it has recently become one of the favourites for the audience. Orchestral work rests on manifold musical and human cooperation which, however, cannot actually be mastered in any level of musical training. Therefore, Dohnanyi Orchestra Budafok offers a unique possibility to students in music high schools, to college and university students, career starting instrumental musicians to have an insight in this workshop and meet the beauty of an orchestral musician’s career.

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