Dohnanyi Orchestra Budafok was founded by László Nemes in 1970, after assembling the then students of Kálmán Nádasdy Music School. Several students from this Music School continued their studies in vocational secondary schools specialized in music and then in the Academy of Music. As their age increased and skills improved, the ensemble gradually became a youth symphonic orchestra. Ernő Dohnányi’s name was adopted in 1989. The local government of the 22nd district of Budapest formed an official ensemble from it in 1993 and Gábor Hollerung has been the conductor and music director of this orchestra ever since.

The ensemble has since become one of the high quality orchestras in Hungary, a decisive actor in the musical life of Budapest. In its series of concerts managed in common with MÜPA Budapest it has created great many outstanding performances, moreover, it performs in several independent concert series in the Academy of Music and in the concert hall within its operating region. Additionally, it also plays in the key concert venues in Budapest. The orchestra is proficient in all genres, it played in a great lot of far-famed concerts in the Sports Arena and other spacious venues. It has been the resident orchestra of Zemplén Festival since 2004. The orchestra went on many tours abroad, it has been a guest performer in almost each major concert hall and festival in Europe. It was the resident orchestra of Sion Valais International Music Festival in Switzerland for years, performed in Mexico and this autumn it will debute in Carnegie Hall, New York.

„This orchestra is a really top-ranking ensemble where musicians rely on their high quality professional competence, still take delight in the rehearsals and can noticeably have a good time. It’s awe-inspiring to see the musicians’ mutual solidarity and when those in a part frequently take over the others’ part. Even the leading conductor can hardly recognize as they change several times without any distinguishable difference in tone, rhythm and articulation. Genuinely high-level musical cooperation has been developed in this ensemble.”
Guido Mancusi