Gábor Hollerung (Budapest, 18 August 1954 – ), a Liszt Ferenc Prize winning conductor honoured as the Meritorious Artist of Hungary is the Music Director of Dohnanyi Orchestra Budafok, a leading symphonic orchestra in Hungary.

He graduated in Liszt Ferenc College (now Academy) of Music, specialized in choral conducting (1972-77) and orchestral conducting (1975-80) where his teachers included Zoltán Vásárhelyi, István Párkai and András Kórodi. He continued his studies in master courses held by Eric Ericson (1975), Kurt Masur (1978) and László Somogyi (1981).

He can take pride in a series of extraordinary success with his choir, the Budapest Academic Choral Society which is one of the busiest amateur choirs in Hungary. They came out first in a number of high-ranking European choral competitions. Several grand prizes (including the grand prize at Béla Bartók International Choir Competition in Debrecen and the title “Choir of the World” awarded in Llangollen) are associated with his name, moreover, he was also awarded the prize for the best conductor in Debrecen in 1984.

In the quality of Music Director, one of his greatest missions is to educate the young musicians’ generation and promote young artists in the start of their career. His orchestra, still a youth orchestra in the 1980s, gradually improved to become one of the leading professional Hungarian ensembles under his direction. Average age here is around 30: the majority of the most excellent musicians graduating in the Academy of Music are offered their first practical possibility here to undergo serious training in an orchestra. Gábor Hollerung holds an intense workshop in the orchestra where the musicians will not only bring their instrumental mastery to perfection but can also gather significant practical experience and knowledge about playing together in an orchestra, orchestral work, cooperation within and among the parts.

Teaching and music education have been in the focus of Gábor Hollerung’s musical activity all over his life. During his concerts he always puts major emphasis on educating his audience in music and promoting the clear interpretation of the masterpieces performed. He created a series of events of national significance called “Hungary is singing”: year after year hundreds of amateur choir singers take part in intensive rehearsals where, while learning oratory pieces, they can also deep-dive in the interpretation of arts, in styles and musical languages.

He regularly held conductor and master courses in Budapest, Békéstarhos, Eger, Hajdúszoboszló in Hungary, and also abroad, including Belgium, Finland, Germany, USA and Israel. In 1995 he held a master course in the IFCM European Symposium in Ljubljana. He has held courses for conductors in Taiwan each year ever since 2006.

He strongly believes that understanding the language of music represents the only way for musicians to perform authentically and for the general public to accept and enjoy music.

„Gábor Hollerung’s picturesque imageries almost raise music to something tangible. Through his technical skills and good communication he helps those get closer to music who have not so far had any background knowledge. He structures the rehearsed pieces on the grounds of highly rational preciseness and makes them enjoyable for the layman and the professional alike. His creativity and ideas convey new colours.”
Zoltán Kocsis-Holper